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You're probably wondering what community you've just stumbled into, huh? Are you curious? *nudge* C'mon, I know you are...otherwise you would have clicked the "back" button five seconds ago. ^_~

*Drum Roll*

Welcome to the alternate universe that is Inu_Unplugged! The only community on Livejournal that lets YOU play the Inuyasha characters like you want! Hmmm what's this? Sesshomaru in a dress? Miroku actually getting a "yes" response to his infamous pickup line? Anything is possible! (Quotes "Uncle what's his face from Spiderman": "But be careful, Peter. With great power comes responcibility.")

Hmm yes, a plot would be good, eh?

Well, Its an AU (alternate universe) where the story of Inuyasha takes place in modern times. Heres a basic summary:

Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kouga, Kikyo ect attend the same high school. Naraku is the evil principal of the school. Sesshomaru and Kagura are the teachers. They took a class trip to a museum where the Shikon No Tama was being shown. The jewel was broken by some students and a bunch found their way into Naraku's hands. There is a strange power behind the jewel fragments and its up to the gang to find them all.

For character profiles and the full plot, click here.

A few rules to know:

1. This is an Alternate Universe game, which means in essence anything can and might happen. There are no preconceived couples and people should keep an open mind when it comes to their characters as far as likes and dislikes. This is your opportunity to play your character however you want to, as long as we don't stray too far from the "Keep the Jewel Out of the Hands of Evil" overarching plot. Please try to have fun, but if you have any issues or complaints let the moderators know. Some basic things may be carried over, like personality, quirks, traits, etc, as without those, then the character won't match up with their name.

2. Please post at least once a week. If you are unable to post once a week without letting people know via the OOC board ahead of time. Your part is only as big as you make it, therefore the less you post the lower your chances of being the focal point of plots are. Keep in mind that, as of now, there are no rules on the maximum amount of characters one is allowed to have. However, each character you possess is required to follow the posting guidelines. Example: If you have three characters, you will be expected to post three times a week, once as each character. If you cannot handle the extra weight, then do not apply for a multitude of characters. (Exceptions include: a character is dead ICly, or is in some way unable to post for a certain amount of time. As long as you post on the OOC forum stating to us that you're still alive, then you'll be fine.)

3. If you are unable to post and notify the moderators within two days of your impending absence, we will arrange to have your character temped in your absence. We are not babysitters, yet we know how real life can be. However, since we are running a game here, it helps to know who's active and who isn't. Stuff happens offline, thats fine, just be respectable to your fellow game mates. We all enjoy having fun just as much as you do, and it's only fair to give them a heads up and not keep them waiting. (After all, how would you feel if you were in a big scene and someone stopped replying to you?)

4. If within the course of three weeks there are no posts from you and nothing on the boards or to a moderator explaining said absence your part will be vacated and put on the open parts list. Once a month if deemed necessary, there will be a check in post on the OOC board, to determine who's around, who wants to drop, etc. Again, this is so the board doesn't die while waiting for one person to post. If you vanish and don't check up, that pretty much shows you lack interest.

5. We the moderators, ask that plot ideas be run past a moderator before being put into effect. If the plot involves the hurting of a fellow player then the players' permission is needed so as not to cause problems. If you would like to create a special NPC or kill off an existing NPC then please notify the moderators and we will help you as best as we can. Email us, IM us, whatever. We won't bite. Promise.

The application: Click here. Send this to the e-mail above. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment on that post or send an e-mail...or even salk us (within reason).


Jakotsu Yasuhara (delightfully out of the closet): _snakebite

Bankotsu Ogawa (kendo team champ/motorcycle rider with mysterious past): _bankotsu

Suikotsu Harada (dishwasher with split personalities): two_sided_story

Renkotsu Arakaki (pyromaniac/motorcycle salesman): la_belle_roo

Kikyou Fujiwara (School perfectionist trying to cut loose): kikyo_fujiwara

Miroku Okinawa (slick ladies man/captain of the football team): cursed_houshi

Sango Kobayashi (shy girl with comatose brother): taijya_no_kioku

Kagome Higurashi (New girl on campus/cheerleading squad hopeful): miko_wench

Inuyasha Ishigawa (Dimwitted jock with goals): oria_kitsune

Shippo (Loveable kitsune/orphan): _kitsunebi_

Sesshomaru Ishigawa (Withdrawn English teacher/college student): starry_oblivion

Rin (adopted by Sesshomaru): foreverwithsess

Kouga Ichikawa (Jock with a wolf's tail XD): greywolfyoukai

Kagura Kakougachi (sultry and seductive college student): kakoukara_gachi

Ayame (young poet and dreamer): sorrowful_ayame

Eri/Ayumi/Yuka (fiendishly gossipy trio/ human social calendars): buddah_baby

Houjo Akitoki (volunteer tutor/rich boy who doesn't seem to be "all there"): naive_tutor

Mrs. Higurashi (Kagome's mother of course ^_~): OPEN PART (contact me if you wanna snag this role)

Yura (Head cheerleader/Bimbo extraordinaire!): la_belle_roo

Kanna (gothic little "daughter" of Naraku): hollowed_angel

Onigumo Naraku (AKA principal of DOOOM!): _madoi

Kaede (senile school nurse/resident lunatic): OPEN PART (contact me if you wanna snag this role)

Kohaku Kobayashi (Sango's Little Brother): tainted_amber

Hiten Kaminari (Popular for all the wrong reasons): OPEN PART (contact me if you wanna snag this role)

Souten Kaminari (Hiten's bratty little sister): raijininka

Mina (Sango's best friend): master_boo343

Ginta (One of Kouga's two best friends): sighs_often

Hakkaku (The other one of Kouga's two best friends): one_with_biceps

Official NPC List (To be updated as needed)

Mushin – Miroku's Uncle
Reggie – Kikyou's guardian and butler
Shinju - Sango's Mom
Kirara - Sango's pet cat, a demon
Hachi - Miroku's friend
Koryuu - Souten's pet 'lizard', a demon
Kaiten Kaminari - 2nd cousin of Hiten, Souten, and Manten
Tatsuki - Rin's friend

OOC Community: unplugged_ooc
It's for questions/concerns/complaints/ideas about this community. Click here for more information.

Contact a mod:



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[]: KyoushiAyame

Warning: This RPG is rated from PG-13 to NC-17.
Each post is different. Though all smut related posts will have a warning in the subject line or under an lj-cut with a warning so you don't have to worry about washing your eyes out with harsh soap. :)