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Subject:Eri and Ayume
Time:05:08 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
Eri groggely opened her eyes. Her cell phone was going off and she had know idea who it could be. She felt around on her night stand until her found the phone. She looked at the screen but couldn't read it.
"Hello." She said fighting back a yawn.

"Hi, my name is Jerry, and I have your friend Ayume here. She's going to need a ride, she is pretty drunk."

"Is she okay?" Eri asked as she sat up and started looking for her shoes.

"Oh yeah. She's fine, but I found her quite drunk and I just want to make sure she gets home."

"I understand, where are you at?" She listened as Jerry gave her the address of the rave, and where they would be standing. "Can I talk to her?" Eri asked

"No, she passed out a few minutes ago." he responded

"Thank you so much for calling me" Eri said and hung up. She got up and walked past her parents room. They were home, and fast asleep at the late hour. Eri grabbed the keys off of her mom's bedside table as quietly as she could. She would probably catch hell for this in the morning.
'Where the hell, is Yucka? Why didn't she bring Ayume home, or is Ayume starting to party on her own? It looks like it was a good thing that Ginta came when he did, or I would have been some how involved with this. Should I look for Yucka, or just get Ayume home? I'm not mad at Ayume... Just Yucka for dragging me to these raves, they weren't even that bad until we started drinking.' Eri thought until she reached the light that the guy she assumed was Jerry and Ayume were standing/lying under. Jerry put her in the front passenger seat, and Eri thank him again for all his help. She drove straight back to her house and somehow managed to drag Ayume up the staris into her bed room, put a pillow under her head,and a blanket over her. Then she crawled into bed and went back to sleep.
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Subject:Just get me home
Time:07:13 pm
Current Mood:drunkdrunk
Ayume stumbled out into the parking lot of the rave. Her head was pounding from to much drinking and to loud music. She was staggering on the arm of a guy she did not know.
"Where's your car?" the guy asked.

"I came with Yuka." Ayume slurred.

"Where is Yucka?" he asked.

"I think she left with that guy. Um Um Um, what's his name, wait don't tell me, I know this one" She said as he tried to get a word in.

"Wow she must be a great friend," he said. "I'm going to reach into your pocket and get your wallet." he explained as he slipped a hand into her pocket and pulled out her Hello Kitty billfold. "Okay so it looks like your name is Ayume... Well Ayume you are really drunk right now, and I'm going to drive you home." he continued.

"No, no. If I stay here Eri will come to get me. She told me that if I need to get out of a jam I can just call her, because were friends. No matter what the hell is going on with her and Yucka, Eri as my back!" Ayume said as she fell aganist the man. "What's your name anyway?"

"I'm Jerry, do you want me to call this Eri for you?" he asked.

"Yes! I want to talk to her, but don't tell her I'm drunk she'll yell at me again." Ayume said

"Okay" Jerry said as he flipped throw the phone book on her phone. "Wow you have a lot of phone numbers." he added casually as he looked for where the es began.

"I know, when the three of us where friends, it was my job to call people and tell them what was going on. Before Yucka got into these raves, we were like inseprable. You couldn't find one of us without the others. Now... now Yucka and Eri don't like each other to much, and I don't think they like me to much either.... I guess it's you and me now Jerry! Us against the world! You with me?" She rambled.

"Right..." Jerry said. He found the number and dialed waiting for it to ring.
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Time:11:25 pm
He shook his head, "Nope. I'm not good at learning new things." Stupid! You don't say that to a girl...or anyone! "No, 'cause look at me. I'm not really saying the greatest things. I get stupid when I'm trying to empress someone. I mean..."

"I was wondering if I could hold your hand?"

Hakkaku's mind went blank and he stared at her with unblinking eyes. It took him a couple of seconds to return to normal and he had to shake his head to rattle up something worth saying. "Um, ok?" Smooth.

He reached out to her and gently took her hand. It felt nice. Her hand was softer than he thought it would be. I'm holding her hand. I'm actually holding a girl's hand!!! A smile appeared on his face and kept growing. Sure, this whole situation might not have been as smooth as Kouga's, but it didn't turn out that bad. It was was better than 'not that bad', it was great.

With a smile on his face, Hakkaku continued walking to the movies to meet Ginta. What a day...

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Subject:Now I just wait for the morons...
Time:02:34 am
Kouga was growing more and more impatient as he sat in his window sill staring out into the woods... he figured that Ginta would pass the message onto Hakkaku that they needed to talk... and to be at the normal meeting place. It had only been a few minutes, but to Kouga it felt like forever.

"I might as well just go out there and wait... nothing else to do," he shrugged to himself, opening his bedroom window. Before he jumped out, he made sure to have his print outs of his finds online in his back pocket, and then proceeded to jump down the two stories, landing gracefully on both feet, bending his knees to evenly distribute his weight in the settlement of his feet on the ground.

He stood upright, straitening out his back... and with a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure the coast was clear, he was off and into the forest. He set out at a dead sprint, skillfully manuevering around thorned bushes and low hanging tree branches. The moon was coming out in more of it's pristine silver beauty, as the sun set beyond the foliage of the woods, but the dark was not a challenge to the male wolf, his blue eyes adjusted easily to the darkness.

His keen nose suddenly picked up a familiar scent, and it was close by to the meeting place that he and the boys had in the center of the woods. He slowed his sprint to a jog as he came upon, none other than the female wolf demon, Ayame... the same red head that was really good friends with Kagome, and she had been taken over by the sacred jewels power at the museum as well. He was surprised to see her out this far away from her own home, he had never seen her venture into his forest before, and began to grow rather protective of his own territory.

"Excuse me... Ayame right? What are you doing out here... and sleeping none the less?"
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Subject:Lets get creative!
Time:03:56 pm
Current Mood:creative
Eri walked home humming to herself. 'I wonder if mom is home?' She thought as she let herself in the front door. The house sounded empty, she glanced down at her watch, 1:00 am. 'What do I do now?' She wondered.
She walked to her room and changed into her favorite sweat pants and an old t-shirt. She glanced outside and noticed that it had started to rain. She went to the kitchen and popped a bag of popcorn. While it was popping she tied her hair back. 'Oh yeah, I look cool now!' She laughed to herself.
She got a big bowl and poured the popcorn into it, when the microwave dinged. She grabbed a bottle a soda, and juggled the two as she grabbed a few more candy goodies. She managed to get back to her room with out dropping anything, then she plopped now on her bed and turned on the television. She found a half-way interesting movie that she use to watch with her friends all the time.
A bag of popcorn, two twinkes, and three bottles of soda later the movie was over, and she was still not sleepy. She thought about the evening she had just had, then remembered the funny glass thing that she had found. She climbed out from under the blankets she had cocooned herself under, and pulled it out of the jacket pocket she had put it in.
It was about as long as the space between her knuckles, an about as wide as the side of an American dime. It was a shade of pink and she knew that it belonged to something bigger. As she held it in her hand, again, she felt the power of the shard run through her.
'I wish I had someone to show this to.' She thought, 'I don't really have any friends other then them. I wonder what it is? I guess I could make it into a necklace, yeah that could be fun! I can show it off at school tomarrow...'
Eri pulled out one of the jewelery kits that she had loved when she was a kid. She spent about two hours picking out beads and things to put around it. She was going to smooth the stone down, but something told her this was a bad idea.
She held up the finished product, and smiled at the fruit of her labor. It actually did look pretty good! She tied it around her neck, and crawled into bed for the few hours of sleep she could still get.
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Subject:Moonlight Memoirs
Time:07:16 pm
Moonlight MemoirsCollapse )
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Time:09:23 am
All of this wasn't fair... Kagome had only recently come into his life, and they had moved quickly, but he wouldn't take back any of the things he had already done. He loved her... he loved Kagome. He was certain of this...

'So why... why did I push her away from me? She seems to be my only saving grace and I made her leave...'

He was back in his room, perched on the window sill one leg curled up and his chin resting on it. He looked out into the woods behind his apartment... it was getting darker. He hadn't really realized how much of the day he had slept away... it wasn't normal for him. Then the presence of a mighty celestial being pulled on his heart... his gaze moved, now transfixed on the sky, just above the tree tops. It was the full moon.

Kouga's inner beast, the wolf... was murring inside, this was a night to run... to be free. And now that he had the jewel shards in his legs... the pull was even stronger. He could feel his body shifting... ever so slightly. He was always a demon, but there were certain more wolf like qualities that came out when the moon was full. His fangs were harder to hide, his pointed ears became more noticable, and a long thick brown tail protruded from the top of his rear end.

The pull was strong, and almost hard to resist... Kouga knew he would have to go out there eventually... just to let his beast run rampant, but for the moment, he turned his back on the window and came inside to the modern world. He moved away from the window and sat at his desk, opening his lap top computer. He needed something to do to take his mind off of the beast inside which was now upset that he had decided to stay inside. He blocked it from his mind, but it didnt work all that well... busy work would help.

He soon found himself searching the web on information about the Shikon Jewel...

His eyes widened in amazement, there were certain things listed that even he didn't know about. He only thought that the jewel brought a demon more power than they originally were born with. Quickly he copied and pasted the information into a word document and printed it out. He shoved it into his pocket and grabbed his cell from his nightstand, speed dialing Ginta.

"Pick up..." Kouga ordered to the other side of the phone, "pick up moron... we gotta talk."

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Subject:Yura didn't answer.... Oh well! Let's Party!
Time:07:38 pm
Current Mood:indescribable
Yucka shut her cell phone and looked over at Ayume, "Guess she's out!" said Yucka. As she slipped her cell phone back into her pocket. "Don't look so tired! We're almost there!" Ayume looked as if she was about to pass out! "We have not been running that long!" Yucka added as she put on another burst of speed.
"What do....you....think.....happened to.....Eri?" Ayume huffed.
"Frankly i don't give a damn. I hate that prep!" Yucka said curling her nose at the name of someone that she use to call her best friend.
Ayume's heart gave a squeeze. 'So it's over now?' She thought to herself. 'I don't want to be here! But how do I get out, a party would be great, but I just..... I'll do this one last party with Yucka than that's it! Or I could split my time between them for awhile?'
Full of dout Ayume paid her money to get in and danced the night away with Yucka, who seemed intint on leaving with a boy from there school. Ayume had no clue who he was, what was she going to do if she got left? She had no idea where she was! She danced on thinking to herself, 'Oh well, I'll worry about that when and if I need to...
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Time:07:52 am
If Houjo had any desire to run away, it was stifled quickly. It was rude to run away when someone was talking to you, after all. Houjo gathered up his things and caught sight of Yura as she approached, giving her a casual, polite smile.

"I thought the English exam wasn't too bad." He admitted, rubbing the back of his neck a bit nervously. "I did study a lot for it, though." His smile shifted a bit more sheepish. "Yeah, the English language is rather confusing."

His smile faded a bit as she mentioned why no one else was really around. His eyes traveled to the desk Kagome usually sat at, but it was empty. Even though class was over, it was empty... and he found himself sending glances to it most of the class.

"I'm not too sure.. I know that the news said something about students being in the hospital, but they really wouldn't disclose why, other than a fight breaking out." He admitted, returning his eyes to Yura, smiling softly once more.

"Is there anything I can help you with? Studying-wise, anyway."
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Time:09:10 pm
Hakkaku shut his phone and put it back into his pocket. "Well, it's a date!" he said cheerfully.

He stood there smiling for a second before he realized what he said. "I mean, it's not really a date, but he did say they were going to the movies, so I suppose it could be considered a date," he rambled, ending it with a sheepish laugh.

"Anyway, we should head over there. I told him we'd meet him by the entrance."

Hakkaku wondered how much more of an ass he could make himself look and tried to shrug it off as he turned to walk down the street.
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